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Runners Knee

Runner’s knee is one of Dr. Vince’s favorite conditions to treat. Dr. Vince is an avid runner and understands the frustrations of his runners from running injuries but he also has Runner's Knee is one of the conditions successfully treated by Taylor Spine & Sports Rehabilitationa thorough understanding of runner’s knee and other running injuries. Runner’s knee really doesn’t begin in the knee. Most overuse injuries in the knee begin from a problem in the ankle and/or hip. Weak hip muscles can cause too much rotation in the knee resulting in stressed muscles, tendons, and ligaments. With runner’s knee, the gluteus medius and TFL become weak. The outer quad muscle (vastus lateralis) then works too much trying to keep tension in the IT band. The IT band becomes tender at the knee from an irritated fat pad. The combination of corrective exercise, laser therapy, dry needling, and/or adjustments are extremely beneficial to those with runner’s knee.