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Rotator Cuff

Rotator cuff injuries can come on immediately from a sports injury or it can be a chronic shoulder problem leading to a rotator cuff tear. Most shoulder problems stem from Rotator Cuffascapula (shoulder blade) that isn’t moving across the rib cage appropriately. This is called scapular dyskinesia and research shows as high as 80% of all shoulder problems stem from shoulder dyskinesia. When the shoulder blade can’t move across the rib cage because of scar tissue or improper muscle firing, it causes the smaller muscles of the shoulder to become overworked. Overtime, these muscles will fail causing a tear or strain in the muscle. The area of injury needs to be addressed but the entire shoulder needs to be evaluated. You can be assured that all the providers at Taylor Spine and Sports Rehabilitation are trained to treat the pain but also get your shoulder functioning to the best of its ability.