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Arthritis is a general term for joint inflammation. It can cause a lot of discomfort to the individual and classically it feels like dull achy pain across a joint. If there is a joint in the Arthritis treatment from Taylor Spine & Sports Rehabilitationbody, then it can be influenced by arthritis. A great treatment option to mitigate the symptoms of arthritis is joint motion. That is why exercise is a great therapy for anyone with arthritis. Keeping the joint moving provides nutrients to the joint and stimulates the nerves around the joint called mechanoreceptors. This creates an analgesic effect to the joint which decreases pain and discomfort. If symptoms persist, adjustments to that joint are very effective. It doesn’t matter if it is a joint in the spine, wrist, knee, ankle, elbow, shoulder, and/or hip. If the joint has arthritis and is losing its normal joint motion, manipulation to that joint is therapeutic.