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Auto Accident (Personal Injury)

The most common injury suffered by an individual in an auto accident is whiplash. This auto injury may take a week before symptoms appear. At first the neck is stiff and achy.  Auto Accidents are one of the things we want to treat.As symptoms progress, the pain becomes more intense and neck range of motion becomes more restricted. Much research has been done on whiplash with a high correlation of chronic pain in the neck. If the patient doesn’t seek proper treatment, neck pain from whiplash can turn into a long term, debilitating condition of chronic pain. In 1994, Gargan and Bannister published a paper on the recovery rate of patients with whiplash injuries and found that if patients were still symptomatic after three months, there was almost a 90% chance they would remain so. Based off this study, it is critical to seek treatment. Chiropractic and physical therapy together on whiplash injuries have great benefits. Don’t hesitate to make a consultation.