Thoughts from the Doctors


Research: Gravity goes to prison.

Bottom Line: Huh? Yeah that’s not going to happen but most people don’t realize that gravity is a
Dr. Vince Taylor submitted 250 days ago

Is This The Beginning of a New Trend?

Is This The Beginning of a New Trend?Bottom Line: A recent scientific study demonstrated that 73% of
Dr. Vince Taylor submitted 257 days ago

Do you realize how smart you are?

Bottom Line: In a world of dangerous medications, risky surgeries, and the cost of healthcare being
Dr. Vince Taylor submitted 264 days ago

That’s a headache waiting to happen

Bottom Line: Are you connected to your phone and computer around the clock? Think about it, many of
Dr. Vince Taylor submitted 271 days ago

I like to pretend that headaches are just my memories fighting each other.

Bottom Line: Did you know that one of the side effects of headache medications is….well…headaches!
Dr. Vince Taylor submitted 278 days ago

Happiness is…not having a headache.

Bottom Line: Wake up. Go to Work. Suffer with a stiff neck. End the night with a headache. Repeat.
Dr. Vince Taylor submitted 285 days ago

Approach with Caution: Migraine in Progress

Bottom Line: What’s more dangerous than sitting on a dock next to a baby sea lion (you have to see
Dr. Vince Taylor submitted 292 days ago

YOLO. Pregnancy FTW! (thats “for the win!”)

Bottom Line: YOLO. You only live once. Still, even just a few months can seem like an eternity if
Dr. Vince Taylor submitted 299 days ago

What Does Pregnancy and Vegas Have in Common?

Bottom Line: Pregnancy can make you more sick than that last “girl’s weekend” in Vegas. But, while
Dr. Vince Taylor submitted 306 days ago

How to Stay Pregnant Longer (just kidding)

Bottom Line: 90% of women who have chiropractic care during pregnancy wish they would stay pregnant
Dr. Vince Taylor submitted 313 days ago

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