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Research: Gravity goes to prison.

Bottom Line: Huh? Yeah that’s not going to happen but most people don’t realize that gravity is a
Dr. Vince Taylor submitted 309 days ago

Is This The Beginning of a New Trend?

Is This The Beginning of a New Trend?Bottom Line: A recent scientific study demonstrated that 73% of
Dr. Vince Taylor submitted 316 days ago

Do you realize how smart you are?

Bottom Line: In a world of dangerous medications, risky surgeries, and the cost of healthcare being
Dr. Vince Taylor submitted 323 days ago

That’s a headache waiting to happen

Bottom Line: Are you connected to your phone and computer around the clock? Think about it, many of
Dr. Vince Taylor submitted 330 days ago

I like to pretend that headaches are just my memories fighting each other.

Bottom Line: Did you know that one of the side effects of headache medications is….well…headaches!
Dr. Vince Taylor submitted 337 days ago

Happiness is…not having a headache.

Bottom Line: Wake up. Go to Work. Suffer with a stiff neck. End the night with a headache. Repeat.
Dr. Vince Taylor submitted 344 days ago

Approach with Caution: Migraine in Progress

Bottom Line: What’s more dangerous than sitting on a dock next to a baby sea lion (you have to see
Dr. Vince Taylor submitted 351 days ago

YOLO. Pregnancy FTW! (thats “for the win!”)

Bottom Line: YOLO. You only live once. Still, even just a few months can seem like an eternity if
Dr. Vince Taylor submitted 358 days ago

What Does Pregnancy and Vegas Have in Common?

Bottom Line: Pregnancy can make you more sick than that last “girl’s weekend” in Vegas. But, while
Dr. Vince Taylor submitted 1 years 0 days ago

How to Stay Pregnant Longer (just kidding)

Bottom Line: 90% of women who have chiropractic care during pregnancy wish they would stay pregnant
Dr. Vince Taylor submitted 1 years 7 days ago

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